Why can't mom friends ever make plans? Long story short: It's. Just. Too. Hard.


How hard could it possibly be for two mom friends to find a good time to catch up over a coffee? Every mom reading that question just laughed out loud. Because actually, we know it's darn-near impossible.

It's so not as simple as meeting for coffee, as vloggers Tova Leigh and Riona O'Connor hilariously demonstrate in a new video, "Why Moms Never Meet Up".

The problem: We need to do, oh, ten million things before we are ready to actually leave the house, like pack 10 outfit changes in the diaper bag, pump breast milk, make three different dinners, pick the kids up from school, and take them to activities.

Every day, our schedules revolve around our kids, and what they need from us. Except for an occasional waxing appointment, of course. "My bush is out of control," Leigh confesses during the looong conversation between the moms, as they try to schedule their meet-up. She also admits this time isn't about grooming at all; it just gets her out of the house, alone.

Ultimately, Leigh and O'Connor schedule their meet-up for three months from now. And it's so true! This is why moms have such a hard time making friends. Because our lives are not our own. And finding time for friends is sooo far down our priority lists.

In real life, Leigh says she works hard to maintain her mom friendships: "For the first few years of being a mum keeping in touch with my other mum friends was a real struggle and I didn't get to see them very much," she recalls. "My children are slightly older now and I have to admit that I make it a priority to try and see them as often as I can—but obviously it's still a challenge with three children, two of them being twins."

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In my experience, you can find time to get together with the people who are truly important in your lives, eventually, with some creative maneuvering. But only if your kids play well together. And you live close by. And none of the kids is sick.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger/mom. Find her on Facebook and Instagram where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.