This video is a heartwarming reminder of what's really important this holiday season. Get the tissues ready!
boys and girls club christmas gifts video
Credit: UPtv/YouTube

Many of the kids' families in the Metro Atlanta Boys & Girls club cannot even afford a Christmas tree. Despite that sad reality, UP TV wanted to shift the focus from getting, to giving. The result is a heartwarming video you won't soon forget.

First, we hear the kids saying what they want for Christmas this year: a Barbie, a computer, an Xbox.

Then, an interviewer asks what their parents might want. One little boy says about his mom, "She's never really had a ring." Another child says her mom would love some jewelry.

Suddenly, the children are presented with the gifts they so covet; the X-Box, the laptop, the Barbies! But there's a catch. There are gifts for their parents too, the ones their sons and daughters said they wanted. The children can either pick a gift for themselves, or a gift for their moms and dads.


But not for these kids. And by the way, grab a tissue right about now. Because these children, who live in low-income homes and have the Christmas gifts of their dreams within reach, chose the presents for their parents. Every. Single. Time.

"I gotta go with the ring," admits the boy who said his mom never had one.

The other boys and girls opt for the gifts for their parents as well.

When one child is asked why he's choosing the gift for his parent over something for himself, he says, "Legos don't matter. Your family matters.... It's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

Wow. Heart officially breaking.

A little girl confesses her mom never gets anything at Christmas. Another child says her mom takes care of her, so she deserves something.

Now the big reveal: Because the kids picked the gift for their parents, they get to keep theirs as well. And boy are the kids happy! Or actually, thankful.

Outside the door of the interview room, the kids' parents are waiting, and when they find out their children picked a gift for them, of course they are overwhelmed. More tears on both sides of the screen!

If you're like many others who've watched the video, you probably have some questions, like: Were there any kids who chose the gift for themselves rather than for their parent? And hey, what'd they do with the gifts the kids didn't choose?

Luckily, UP TV responded to comments on the video's YouTube page and cleared up a few things: About 80 percent of the kids involved chose a gift for their parent rather than for themselves. However, all of the kids—including those in the video and the 20 percent who didn't choose the gift for their parent—received both gifts in the end. Gotta love that!

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