An adorable new video shows a group of toddlers trying to figure out how to get dressed by themselves.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 16, 2016
Credit: WatchCut Video/YouTube

When I was little—and I'm dating myself here—my mom bought me two dolls designed to teach kids how to dress themselves. Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan. And yes, they came with those names.

The plush ragdolls were soft and brightly colored, and most importantly, they came decked out in clothes that required the use of zippers and buttons and snaps. The goal was to teach kids manipulative skills and assist in the development of hand-eye coordination. And I can remember hours spent endlessly trying to manuever my way through all those closures.

Did they actually help me learn how to dress myself? Can't say I remember. But practicing on the dolls probably didn't hurt. And I couldn't help but think that the adorable little nuggets featured in this new Kids Try to Dress Themselves for the First Time video from WatchCut could most definitely have benefited from them.

The struggle is definitely real for these little guys as they tussle with head holes, try and work their hands through arm holes, and navigate their way around bathing suits, rain jackets and dresses accessorized with beaded necklaces, cool chapeaus and some pretty fly pairs of plastic shades.

Check out this one little dude who thought it would be a great idea to wear his shorts as a hat:

shorts as hat
Credit: WatchCut Video/YouTube

Mad props for the creativity!

Oh and by the way... it turns out they actually still make Dressy Bessy and Dapper Dan! Who knew? They look a little different then the, gulp, '70s versions that I remember. But if you want to check them out, click here.

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