'Jersey Shore' BFFs Snooki and JWoww talk about how to introduce a new baby to a potentially jealous big sibling.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is expecting baby #2 with hubby Roger Mathews in May. With her due date quickly approaching, the expectant mama turned to—who else?—former Jersey Shore co-star and current bestie Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi for some much needed advice.

Why? Because JWoww, it turns out, is concerned about the way her 1-year old daughter Meilani will react when she meets her new baby brother for the first time. "One of the biggest concerns I have is Meilani meeting her brother at the hospital and, basically, forever being a four-person family," JWoww admits.

Awww. I'll be honest: I had this fear while pregnant with my second, too.

I loved the little triangle-shaped family my husband, my daughter, and I had created. I couldn't even begin to picture us as a square. Where would another baby fit in? Would I love that baby as much as the first? Would my husband? And what about our beautiful daughter? Was she going to feel sad? Neglected? Forgotten?

Plus, there was this: How the hell was I going to get two kids dressed and fed and out of the house every morning?!

The day our son was born, though, all my anxieties momentarily washed away. But I'd lying if I said they didn't come rushing back when my daughter came to the hospital later that afternoon to meet our new addition. From the moment I saw the way she looked at her little brother, though, I knew everything would be okay. And that our triangle would effortlessly turn into a square. Or more like a circle, really. Because as my 3-year-old taught me that day, there will always be more than enough love to go around.

That's what I would tell JWoww!

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