Single Mom Madonna Instagrammed Herself a Happy Father's Day Message

Madonna wished herself a happy Father's Day on Instagram, to the delight of single moms everywhere.

Single mamas everywhere gave a big "amen" to Madonna's Instagram post on Father's Day wishing herself a happy day. Because, as she put it, "lets face it, Im the Mommy and the Daddy."

The accompanying images show the 58-year-old singer surrounded by her six kids. Madge is called Mom by 20-year-old Lourdes (her daughter with Carlos Leon), 16-year-old Rocco (her son with Guy Ritchie), 11-year-olds David Banda and Mercy James (whom she adopted in 2006 and 2009, respectively), and 4½-year-old twins Stella and Esther (whom she adopted from Malawi in March). Hot pink text says, "Happy Mother's Day" despite the post being uploaded on Father's Day.

So far Madonna's Instagram post has racked up almost 62,000 likes and more than 1,600 comments. Fan @sharonandzane summed up what most commenters expressed, writing, "Man!............i feel like a Woman!....... That's my Madonna!!!! You are an awesome parent!!! I've been both also & it's the hardest but best job in the world!!! Your kids are all AWESOME!!!!! Truly!!!!! Be proud of your your beautiful family friend!!! Enjoy!!!"

Of course, there were some haters, too: "You post a picture of the man that gave you life, but couldn't wish your children's dad's a happy fathers day? ?" asked @jadey_forrester, referring to the cool throwback pic of Papa Ciccone that Madonna Instagrammed earlier in the day.

While it's nice to see celebrity co-parents recognize one another as partners when it comes to raising their kids (like Jana Kramer did, in a sweet Father's Day post to Mike Caussin), the truth is that no one really knows what happens behind the scenes in a celebrity's life — despite what we think we know from entertainment news and social media — so only Madonna, her kids' fathers, and her kids can really comment on whether her Instagram message is appropriate given Carlos and Guy's level of involvement in Lourdes and Rocco's lives.

What do you think? Should Madonna have told it like she sees it, or should she have taken the high road and wished Carlos and Guy a Happy Father's Day no matter what?

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