File this under "people who are inspiring us this holiday season."

By Melissa Willets
December 08, 2016
dad donates frequent flier miles
Credit: Imgur

Single dad Peter Shankman's work-related travel yielded 350,000 frequent flier miles this year. But instead of booking a series of over-the-top vacations for himself and his daughter, according to The Huffington Post, the marketing exec is donating every last one of those miles, for the second year in a row, to people he doesn't even know.

"With the exception of missing my 3-year-old when I'm on the road, I consider myself incredibly lucky to live the life I do," Shankman wrote on Imgur, where he announced his intention to donate his miles, which as he joked, could more than send someone to the moon.

"I'm not rich, I'm not famous, but I do have one unique resource at my disposal," he continued in his post, adding, "...again this year, even after giving away my miles to my assistant, my friends, and my family, I have a lot of miles left over."

He then proceeded to explain how people could take advantage of his offer, saying it's simple. If you can't afford to go home for the holidays, or visit loved ones, he wants to help you.

Of course, given the demand for free flights, it makes sense that Shankman didn't want to have to decide who deserves them most. He explains to the Imgur community, "I'm not going to choose who goes home. You are. So choose wisely. I'm not going to choose who wins. You are."

The "contest" window to choose two to four people to fly home for the holidays ended on December 2, and according to The Huffington Post, the flight recipients include a dad who is visiting his son with autism, and a woman who is flying to see her sister who has cancer.

But that's not all this generous dad is doing for others. He has also encouraged people with miles to spare to donate them, with the help of travel-deal site Abroaders. So check it out if you have miles to donate. Or let this dad's selfless act of kindness inspire you to do something for others this holiday season. He has sure inspired me!

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