Because changing a toilet paper roll can be really tricky... apparently.


How many times have you walked into your bathroom to find an empty toilet paper roll left behind? If you are like me, it's like, daily. Shawnee, Kansas mom-of-three Kelly Reynolds got so fed up with her family's frustrating habit of "forgetting" to change the roll, she created a hilarious step-by-step Instagram video to demonstrate for them how to do it. Because, as she says, there "seems to be some confusion."

First, we see Reynolds discovering the empty roll. Then, she launches into a tongue-in-cheek tutorial on how to change the roll, which clearly, everyone knows how to do, except kids. And sometimes husbands.

From where to throw away the empty roll (the trash), to where to find a new one (under the sink) this how-to guide is LOL-funny. As in, how could anyone above the age of 5 actually not know how to change a toilet paper roll?

"So the next time you find yourself in that predicament," Reynolds says at the end of her video, well, now you know what to do!

Parents reached out to this awesome mama to find out why she created the video, and Reynolds told us, "After seeing this for the umpteenth time, I figured a brief tutorial was in order."

Although we thought it was hysterical, and we know other moms who perform multiple under-appreciated tasks for their families every day will too, Reynolds says, "The kids were not amused at all. Our 16-year-old got halfway through the video and then scrolled on by, when I said, 'Hey, you didn't finish it,' he said, 'Ya, I've seen enough.'"

We sure haven't! Um, how about a video on how to pick dirty clothes up off the floor and put them in the hamper? And how to walk dishes from the dinner table to the sink? Here's hoping those are in the works!

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