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Even for young kids, tardiness may be hurting more than an attendance record. Allowing your child to enter class five minutes late may cause him to disrupt other students and possibly miss a teacher's important instructions. Even worse, your child may have to explain why he was late and endure the corresponding punishment.

This February, a 6-year-old boy in an Oregon elementary school went viral when his mother shared a picture of his punishment for tardiness on Facebook. In the picture the boy is shown being forced to sit alone at lunch behind a cardboard barrier. His mother explained to the school that it was actually her fault that her son was not to class on time due to car troubles that morning. The isolation punishment was intended to be a way to block distractions while students caught up on missed work, but may have been more humiliating than helpful for the young boy.

Although this Oregon school has since changed its tardiness protocol, other elementary schools have similar policies that punish the child when a parent does not bring the child to school on time.

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