Moms, when guys clean the house, is it expected, or parade-worthy?

Men praised for cleaning
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In the past, when my husband helped with house cleaning, he'd show off what he'd done, and then stand there, almost like he was waiting for me to present him with a trophy or something. Now, after endless ribbing from me, he knows better, and will help out around the house because he wants to, not because he's hoping I'll throw a parade in his honor.

Meredith Masony of the That's Inappropriate blog recently posted a new video expressing her take on whether men should be praised when they clean.

The video, which has been viewed 507,000 times at the time of writing, starts with her recounting how upon returning home from being out, her husband lead her around their home, basically boasting about having cleaned the den and dining room. "Didn't you notice?" he asked her, bewildered that she hadn't, I don't know, launched into a musical number praising his efforts.

Masony wonders, as we are all doing with her, how many times has she has picked up the house without any kind of acknowledgment whatsoever. Yet, she realizes that her husband seems to need that praise when he does something around the house.

The mom-of-three says that indeed, she is "super appreciative" that her husband saw that the house could use some cleaning, and pitched in, and that she will, LOL, probably have sex with him tonight. But Masony finds it interesting that women don't expect the same praise when they clean the house.

Masony goes on to assure the guys out there that when they do something around the house, women notice. But it's a partnership, with two people making the messes in the house, and needing to pick up, she insists. It's about helping the other person, not about the "thank you."

Comments below the video are divided as to whether Masony is spot-on, or off-base. As she told, "So far the response has been a mix of angry men and those who completely agree with me."

Below is a sample:

"Well, we as men often feel under appreciated when it comes to house work because we can't really do it very well. So, when we accomplish something that women do so well, we need acknowledgment," one husband said.

About saying thank you to her husband, another commenter wrote, "I like to be appreciated verbally, therefore, I make sure that he hears that I appreciate him."

"If you went to his job... and organized all his stuff on his desk but he came back and said nothing you would say 'did you noticed that I organized your desk?'" wondered another commenter.

"Yes my husband does this to me every time, I guess it's because it's out of the norm for them or because he still did his part going to work and providing for our family and then went above and beyond what he thinks is his part and did some things that he feels is my part..... " a wife said.

"Same concept... it's the fact that the way the house is separated if you are usually the one who does A and he does B and one day you help out with B you probably want to be acknowledged," someone else chimed in.

"Why do women need praise for a haircut?" wondered another guy.

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Ultimately, as Masony told us, "I love that my husband helps around the house, but when I walked in and he took me by the hand to show me what he had done, I about died."

What is your take?

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