Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind ABC's Thursday night lineup, doesn't let a demanding schedule get in the way of saying "Yes!"

By Melissa Bykofsky

Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind ABC's Thursday night lineup (Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, for starters), holds many powerhouse titles: screenwriter, director, executive producer, and single mom of three: Harper, 13, Emerson, 3, and Beckett, 2. Now she adds author to the list with Year of Yes, out November 10.

P: Year of Yes is about your decision to say "yes" to every opportunity for one year. How did this start?

SR: At Thanksgiving in 2013, I was fanaticizing about the invitations I received but wouldn't accept because I have three kids at home and shows to work on. My sister reminded me that my family is willing to help and I have the luxury to define my own hours at work. I decided to start saying "yes" to everything that scared me: speaking at Dartmouth, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Then it translated to other areas of my life. Now, every time one of my children asks, "Do you want to play?," I stop what I'm doing and say "Yes!"

P: What surprised you the most while writing the book?

SR: Saying "no" boxes you in. The fear of saying "yes" is much worse than doing whatever it was that was making you nervous.

P: What advice do you have for other busy moms?

SR: Give yourself permission to fail. The guilt that we place on ourselves as parents is tremendous. I feel like we are supposed to be setting examples of strength, power, joy, and excitement for our children. And it's been really lovely to embrace that mind-set both in how I'm parenting and in how I'm working.

Melissa Bykofsky is the Associate Articles Editor at Parents who covers millennial trends and pop-culture. Follow her on Twitter: @mbykofsky.


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