See Why This Mom's Bathroom 'Love Notes' to Her Sons Are Going Viral

Where to pee and where not to pee, that is the question.

I love Kristina Kuzmic. Whether she's ranting about getting her kids to sleep, ragging on female friendships, or simply giving us all the no-holds-barred skinny on why she refuses to be friends with her kids, the mom vlogger's YouTube vids are always hilariously on-point. And so is her hair, for that matter.

Now the creative Southern Cali mama is at it again, offering up a pretty kicka*s solution in a now-viral Facebook post for the boys in her household who apparently miss the mark when they pee.

"Sometimes I leave my kids love notes," Kuzmic quips in the caption. The photo displays the instructional signs she used to decorate the perimeter of her toilet bowl—as well as on the floor in front of it, because duh—with messages like "Don't Pee Here" and "Not a Peeing Area".

It's kind of genius, right? I may have to employ this tactic in my own home, although I'd probably laminate those bad boys like one of the commenters suggested. Another FB user was quick to remind us all about a little thing called target fixation, however, that may wind up foiling Kuzmic's brilliant plan.

"Theory says if you're looking at it, it's what you're going to hit....and it works," the commenter wrote. "So while reading where not to pee....guess what!!!"

Kind of a bummer. But even so, Kuzmic's inventive idea clearly made an impression, racking up more than 87,000 likes and 150,000 shares. If she turned this thing into a disposable seat cover and started selling it, she'd probably make a killing. Someone get this chick on Shark Tank, STAT!

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