This family's holiday greetings will make you want to up your Christmas card game this year.

Bergerons 2011 xmas card
Credit: Mike Bergeron/Imgur

Meet Mike and Laura Bergeron, the couple currently winning the Internet for dreaming up the most awkward, yet somehow still awesome, Christmas card photos every year.

The duo have been dressing up as different characters every year since 2004, taking on everyone from Sonny and Cher and the famed farm couple in American Gothic to rednecks and Hare Krishnas, the latter of which they sported bald heads and robes for and then hilariously captioned "Merry Krishnas!"

When the Bergerons started having kids, they got them in on the action, too. Their daughter Gigi shows up decked out with a unibrow in 2011, then a sparkly Jane Fonda-style leotard and matching headband in 2013. In 2012 the Bergerons went goth, dressing daughters Gigi and Juju in black and red for a modern-day take on the Addams family, perfectly punctuated with the line "He knows when you are sleeping. He knows when you're awake...creepy."


Bergerons 2012 xmas card
Credit: Mike Bergeron/Imgur

"Personally, I was trying to look like Robert Smith of the Cure, with a hint of Edward Scissorhands, but I think I managed to get just a touch of Jack White in there, too," Mike captioned the latter photo on Facebook. "Laura is absolutely legit as a goth chick and Gigi, who has clearly inherited the Xmas Card gene, managed to capture the dark mood of this particular theme like she's an old pro! Juliette is sporting her Bauhaus onesie, which was surprisingly easy to come by."

Bergerons 2013 xmas card
Credit: Mike Bergeron/Imgur

Mike uploaded pics of the cards to Imgur in an album called Holidays with the Bergerons just over a week ago, and they've already racked up close to 250,000 views. When asked about them on Reddit, he revealed that the fam of four heads over to JC Penney every year to take the shots—so old school!—which are partly inspired by SNL skits, a show he's been watching "all his life."

Bergerons 2014 xmas card
Credit: Mike Bergeron/Imgur

As for this year's undertaking, Bergeron said it's currently under wraps but "being processed and should be ready in about a week." You'll have to wait for him to post it, however. Because while Bergeron "would love to send a real card to anyone who would like one, unfortunately, I think I would go broke."

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