The couple's toddler was the real MVP in this marriage proposal.

By Melissa Willets
September 28, 2016

A birthday party for her son turned into a surprise proposal for one Michigan mom named Sade Robinson. And the moment was caught on video, which obviously, you have to see! But I must warn you: If you're currently under the influence of pregnancy or postpartum hormones, or you're majorly PMSing, you are likely to tear up. You may even start sobbing uncontrollably, if, like me, you also got a less-than-ideal night's sleep and just about anything could put you over the edge at the moment.

The wild swing of emotions you are about to endure is all thanks to dad Joshua Womble, who decided to ask Robinson to marry him during a birthday celebration for their little guy, Christian, at his mom's house. Not only did Womble pick Christian's birthday as the occasion to pop the question, but he also recruited the 2-year-old to be his wing man for the big moment.

Womble's sister posted a video of the adorable proposal to Twitter, writing that she couldn't be happier for her brother and future sister-in-law. In the 40-second clip, we see Christian opening a gift that Robinson presumes is for him. But soon, the tot pulls a ring box out of the tissue paper inside, and hands it to his dad. Then an emotional Womble gets down on one knee to ask Robinson to be his wife.

Womble told Buzz Feed that he planned the proposal for months, finally deciding to incorporate his son, whose role he called "the handoff of the year." Way to go, Christian. I'd say your future as a real ladies' man is already solidified.

What is your reaction to this super-sweet proposal? That is, if you've stopped sniffling enough to see this question!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.