The Texas-based pre-K teacher and the little girl took a super-cute twinning photo together. 

By Maressa Brown
February 09, 2018
Leigh Bishop

An incredibly adorable photo of a pre-K teacher and student from Texas with matching hairstyles is going viral, and the story behind it is truly heartwarming. Last month, Leigha Bishop complimented one of her students, August, on her hairstyle. According to Bishop's Facebook post, she said to August, "Oh my goodness! I love your hair, August! Don’t be mad at me when I come to school with my hair JUST like that tomorrow..." and August's reply was, "Okay, Ms. Bishop," followed by an eye-roll while she just kept walking.

The next day, Bishop followed up on her promise, thoroughly surprising the little girl, and snapping this super-adorable twinning shot.

How lucky August is to have Ms. Bishop as a role model -- and the affirmation she got from this experience must mean so much.

Since it was posted on January 30, the photo has racked up 572 comments and more than 4K shares. "This is so freaking cute I got tears in my eyes," one commenter wrote. Another said, "I bet that was a priceless moment! Keep on making an impact."

In response to the positive feedback, Bishop commented, "Thank you, all!!!! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to pour positive into this world! Loving ourselves is the best thing we can do?? And it starts with the children!!"

She also told PopSugar, "We ALL need more love, and that's what I hope everyone feels." No doubt -- and cheers to that!


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