When this Utah dad found out his daughter had an embarrassing day at school, he brilliantly averted the crisis.


A dad named Ben Sowards is being celebrated around the internet today for his thoroughly awesome dad skills. On Friday, his 6-year-old daughter Valerie didn't make it to her school's bathroom in time and ended up having an accident. Of course, she was terribly upset, cried, and wanted to go home. When Sowards heard what happened, he pulled himself together to go pick her up, but not before splashing some water on his jeans. Yep, exactly where you're thinking!

Valerie's big sister Lucina Sowards posted the following tweet to share the story — and photos of her dad and kid sis — with followers.

According to BuzzFeed News, when Sowards entered the school office, he asked for Valerie's backpack to cover up his own "accident."  "She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity," he tells the site. Valerie thought her dad's schtick was hilarious, and it definitely did the trick to cheer her up. "She was laughing about it," he said. "It was so funny."

Little girl holding her father's hand and walking to school
Credit: Tom Wang/Shutterstock

Obviously, people on Twitter are loving Sowards' bold move.

Of course, one even referenced the scene from Billy Madison that may have inspired this incident.

Lucina explained to BuzzFeed News that her dad is known for doing what he's gotta do to cheer his kids up. Four years ago, the teen fell on her face while ice-skating, and "he Facetimed me. He had vividly painted a black eye that matched mine," she explained.

Awww! Clearly, Valerie, Lucina, and their siblings certainly are lucky to be able to call him their dad.