The 9-year-old thought he might be able to evade his parents' Nest cam in order to sneakily squeeze in some late night entertainment!

By Maressa Brown

A 9-year-old boy's pretty hilarious and genius attempt to skirt his parents' rules about late-night TV has made him something of a viral star! All summer, Jeremy Gabrysch and his wife had been trying to prevent their son Nate, and his sister Taylor, 6, from watching TV after their bedtimes, according to People. The kiddos had apparently been sneaking from their beds to the living room.

The solution: The Gabryschs got a Nest security cam, which they installed behind their TV. The cam sends an alert to their smartphones if the kids were playing downstairs at night. “At first, Nate wasn’t sure how we were figuring that he was watching the TV,” Gabrysch explained to People. “Then, he discovered the camera.”

And when Nate discovered the camera, he developed some sweet ninja or Navy SEAL-like moves to try to evade it! And you really just have to see them for yourself.

Of course, as soon as the video goes out, it's because Nate disconnected the camera -- and that's when it sent an alert to the Gabryschs. Foiled! “We just watched the video and cracked up,” Gabrysch told People. “I had to give him props for that, no one’s ever taught him military crawls or anything, he just came up with that on his own — unless it’s from the ninja shows he’s watched! ... We’ve been frustrated with how we were going to stop them from watching TV. But this just made the whole situation pretty funny.”

Ha, good for them that they can laugh about it. In the meantime, the Gabryschs say they're now using the Nest cam and hiding the remotes around the house. Though, let's be honest: It's only a matter of time before their stealthy kiddo finds a way to get around that tactic, as well!



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