Actress Sara Gilbert and wife Linda Perry will release their first children's album on September 18, inspired by their son Rhodes Emilio.

By Christine Coppa
September 14, 2015
sarah gilbert and linda perry with baby
Credit: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Actress Sara Gilbert and wife Linda Perry, a rock singer-songwriter and record producer, will release their first children's album on September 18. The couple, who welcomed son Rhodes Emilio in February, says their newest addition provided major inspiration for Deer Sounds.

According to People, the artistic couple thought Gilbert's pregnancy was the perfect time to create an album for kids.

"When Sara got pregnant and we realized we were having a seemed pretty appropriate," Perry says.

The project was a long time coming. "Even on our first date, Linda was talking about [writing a children's album]. So I always wanted that to happen," says Gilbert, a Roseanne alum who has two children from her previous relationship with Allison Adler (Levi, 10, and Sawyer, 8).

The album was a collaboration for the family-focused couple, who says their music offers something for everyone. "These songs just started to show up when he was born and then it just got really exciting because we were all in the house and all a part of it, all throwing in ideas and making artwork," Gilbert recalls. "It was a very sweet experience."

Listen to "Wake Up Wake Up Wake Up" from Deer Sounds:

Of course, their baby boy was a major contributor to the creative process. "[Rhodes] would stand on the piano and make all these sounds. We put it on the album," Gilbert says. "Everybody contributed whatever they could."

Gilbert says the album is for adults and kids, adding it's "the perfect bridge between the two worlds."