Sandy Hook Promise Releases a Powerful PSA Called 'Tomorrow's News'

The video, which aims to prevent future shooting incidents, is truly chilling. 
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Marking five years since a gunman took the lives of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, an organization called Sandy Hook Promise has released a powerful PSA. The gripping, one-minute, 25-second is called "Tomorrow's News," and it eeriley shows what a local news broadcast would look like if it was covering a school shooting set to happen, well, tomorrow.

"Tomorrow, I'll probably point out that something has seemed off with him since the beginning of the school year," the boy's teacher tells the anchor. Meanwhile, a detective shares, "Well, someone is expected to tell us after the shooting that the shooter has posted on social media bout doing this for weeks."

Seeing the topic covered with this angel is chilling and heartwrenching all at once. 

A press release about the PSA posted to the Sandy Hook Promise site explains the PSA, "created with BBDO New York, follows the success of last year’s video 'Evan,' which has received over 150 million views and helped reframe the conversation on gun violence prevention. As with 'Evan,' the 'Tomorrow’s News' PSA builds on signs exhibited by individuals who may hurt themselves or others that are often missed or not acted upon. The film shows a newscast covering a school shooting the day before it actually takes place to illustrate that.  We can learn to 'Know the Signs' and take action today to prevent gun violence tomorrow."

Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer of BBDO New York, elaborated in the release, "It’s easy to know the right thing to do after it’s too late to do anything. In this PSA, we illustrate that when it comes to gun violence prevention, the stakes are too high to let that continue to be the case. We hope this moves people to support Sandy Hook Promise in expanding its Know the Signs programs."

Sandy Hook Promise, which was founded by family members affected by the 2012 shooting, aims to prevent gun-related deaths through educational and mental health programs as well as advocating for the passage of gun safety laws. No doubt parents across the country support the organization's efforts not just today but every day to do what they can to prevent devastating gun violence.


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