See how one Mexican native is giving back—and how you can help, too.

By Lindsay Tigar
Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

A few days ago, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook the central state of Puebla in Mexico, extending devastation and disaster at least 75 miles away in the heart of the nation's capital, Mexico City. This powerful quake is historical, just days after the anniversary of the country's largest earthquake that took place in 1985. In fact, it was reported many schools and businesses were practicing evacuation drills in response as a way to pay tribute to those lives lost more than 30 years ago when this Tuesday morning quake struck. To date, more than 200 have lost their lives, with many severely injured, wounded or missing, from the fallen buildings and homes. (And that's on top of another earthquake off of the southern coast of Mexico earlier in the month, which killed 61 people.)

Though many celebrities responded to this disheartening and terrifying incident via Twitter, including Kerry Washington, Antonio Banderas, Common and more, one actress has decided to take action by creating a fundraiser via Crowdrise to help those impacted. Salma Hayek, an actress, humanitarian and producer, seeks to help her native country, donating $100,000 of her own funds to begin the collection.

On her page, which is written in both English and Spanish, she talks about her own experience in the notorious 1985 earthquake, where she was evacuated out of her building and even lost several of her friends and her uncle to the tragedy. "I have lived through the aftermath of a disaster of this magnitude and it's horrific," she described.

Through her fundraiser, which supports UNICEF efforts, you can donate directly to help those assisting with rescue and performing life-saving measures, right now. "Many children and families are hurt and in terrible need. I'm contributing $100,000 now to UNICEF which has teams on the ground responding. Please join me and contribute what you can and thank you," she shared.


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