Roseanne Introduces Gender-Fluid Grandchild on Sitcom Reboot

It's a big step forward for diversity, but one conservative moms' group is clutching its pearls in horror.

If you were a fan of Roseanne back in the 90s, then you were probably thrilled to find out that ABC ordered an eight-episode reboot of the iconic sitcom. 18.1 million people tuned into the premiere on March 27th that featured the original cast, plus a couple of new characters like Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) and David's (Johnny Galecki) kids—a teenage girl named Harris and a 9-year-old named Mark in honor of Becky's late husband.

So sweet, right? We are so excited to catch up with this whole awesome Connor crew as the season continues!

And get this: Because Roseanne was always known for breaking new ground on TV—who could forget that lesbian kiss she shared with Mariel Hemingway?—there's another progressive twist coming our way. The reboot introduces us to Mark, a gender-creative character, displaying both young female and male traits.

Bravo, Roseanne!

Of course, this will not be the first gender-fluid character to grace the small screen—actor Asia Kate Dillon gets that honor for playing Taylor Mason in the Showtime series Billions. Mark is, however, the first gender-binary character on network TV. And while the move is a historic step forward for diversity, there is one organization that's freaking out. Conservative group One Million Moms is asserting that the show "promotes transgender agenda," and has launched a boycott on its site.

"Unfortunately, the age of Roseanne's grandchildren may attract young viewers, so the victims of this outrageous program are the young cast members, not to mention any child who views the show," the organization explained. "The sexualization and moral corruption of these children is child exploitation at its worst. No child should be introduced to the experience of mental disorders."

For the record, gender fluidity is not a mental disorder. Which is why a writer for Out magazine has now stepped up to call out the "moms clutching their pearls in horror at a show daring to shine a light on gender fluidity" for their "moronic" statement.

"Mark will be the youngest gender-fluid character on television and, for a generation of kids who struggle with their gender identity, he'll be a beacon of hope," explained writer Chris Thomas. "So screw these moms, don't invite them to your neighborhood potluck, and join us in celebrating this step forward for TV representation."

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Amen! We can't wait to keep tuning in to watch Roseanne make TV history... again.

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