Tennessee may be easy to say, but it sure is hard for a preschooler to spell!

When my mom named me Hollee and spelled it with two Es at the end, I'm pretty sure she never even thought about the fact that everyone I would ever met would eventually spell it wrong. So I totally feel Reese Witherspoon's 4-year-old son's pain. The actress mama named him Tennessee—a v. cool name that I happen to love. There's only one problem: Her own kid can't spell it.

Can you really blame him, though? There are FOUR Es in there, not to mention all those tricky double consonants. I think most adults probably still get tripped up on this one. Without spell check, I know I would.

Witherspoon's little guy definitely gets an A-plus for effort, though. Just check out the pic the proud mama shared of her kid's penmanship on Instagram:

"When your name is TENNESSEE, it's a bit tricky to learn how to spell it," the "Big Little Lies" star wrote in the caption. "#PreSchoolProblems."

Welcome to the easy-to-say,-but-hard-to-spell name club, kid! At least it looks like he's got those first four letters down. And TBH, we think "Tenn" makes a pretty cool nickname! But if Witherspoon wants her mini-me to learn how to spell out all nine letters, she should probably start playing this Sammy Kershaw song around the house.

It's pretty catchy, right?

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