By Lucy Casale
May 12, 2015

This month at FamilyFun magazine ... we got happy! And I mean downright gleeful — glad, jolly, joyful, jubilant (you get the picture, but I could go on with the synonyms) — even more than usual. In fact, we decided to theme our entire May issue around happiness, dubbing it "The Happy Issue."

Besides offering up over 100 ways our readers can add more joy to their lives every day, in a special report, we scouted out the latest science on happiness and shared our conclusions with these 7 essential strategies to raising happy kids. We got our readers to tell us their no-fail bad mood busters, had our Facebook fans send in their mom's best advice for looking on the bright side, and also came up with a bunch of happiness-spreading crafts the whole family can enjoy.

So come on, get happy! To start, put a smile on:

mouthBOY_0515 36280
mouthonstick2_0515 36281
Treat_emoji_0515 36282
facecans_0515 36283
aligatorBOY_0515 36284
girlGrass_0515 36285
createGirlsGum0515 36286

4. Your clothes — with our elbowgator, playful puppy, and panda pal tees:

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Lucy Casale is an assistant editor at FamilyFun. Her dad's bad mood buster (see link in second paragraph) still puts a smile on her face!