Only a cute two-year-old could get away with sneaking snacks from a royal!
Prince Harry and Kid
Credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Looks like Prince Harry is more than ready to become an uncle for the third time! The 33-year-old royal was seen adorably clowning around with a 2-year-old during the Invictus Games last night, proving that he's not only handsome, funny and charitable, but he's great with kids.

The Games, which the prince founded in 2014 for wounded service members, have been going on all week, and Wednesday evening he was on hand to watch a men's seated volleyball match. Sitting next to him was a cutie pie named Emily Henson, whose dad, now a Paralympic athlete, lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan in 2011.

Henson wasn't as focused on the match as she was on sneaking popcorn out of Prince Harry's bucket. While he chatted with another seatmate and snacked away, a video posted to Twitter reveals the toddler dipping her hand repeatedly into the bucket, too.

For a few moments, the prince is unaware that he has a snack-stealer on his hands. When he notices little Emily helping herself to his popcorn, he playfully moves the bucket out of her reach. The blonde tot is unfazed and seconds later, goes in for another handful.

Kensington Palace also shared a pic of the lighthearted exchange on Twitter. More photos show the prince laughing and feeding his little buddy more kernels of popcorn from his bucket.

Such a sweet scene! We are totally swooning over how good he is with kids. Thanks for giving us something to smile about today, Harry!

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