Prince George and Princess Charlotte Had the Cutest Playdate Ever

Apparently, a successful royal play date only needs three things: balloons, bubbles, and animals.

Royal kids; they're just like our kids, right? Well, my children don't live in a castle or get photographed every five minutes by paparazzi (just by me!), but judging from new photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's recent Canadian play date, when it comes to how they like to play, all little ones are pretty much the same!

All it takes are bubbles, balloons, and animals to make my girls squeal with joy, and that apparently was also the case for the future King of England and his adorable little sister on Thursday. With their parents Prince William and Princess Kate looking on, the toddlers, both dressed in blue, showed off their cuteness at an event for military families.

Princess Charlotte Playing With Balloons
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Charlotte zeroed in on the decorative balloon arch, according to People magazine, while George enjoyed a pony ride. Later, Charlotte also spent a fair amount of time doting on a golden-retriever poodle mix therapy dog, and a cute little bunny. And of course, there were bubbles.

Prince George Playing With Bubbles
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meanwhile, a guest who attended the event told People, "It was nice to see how down to earth Will and Kate were. They were playing with their kids just like any other parents."

Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton Play Date
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Yeah, I always knew Kate and I had a lot in common! Um, if only I had half her fashion sense!

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