Although he passed away in 2012, a brand new children's book written by beloved author Maurice Sendak will hit bookshelves in 2018.

By Melissa Willets
Ben Gabbe/Stringer

Every parent has read Where the Wild Things Are to their children. It's a rite of passage at bedtime, curled up together, the kids' eyes wide, and you, of course, remembering when you were pulled into the fantastical story yourself as a child.

Now, a new work by famed children's book author Maurice Sendak has been discovered posthumously. According to The Washington Post, the president of the Maurice Sendak Foundation, Lynn Caponera, was recently cleaning out the epic writer's files when she found a previously undiscovered manuscript called "Presto and Zesto in Limboland." I'm intrigued already!

Michael di Capua, Sendak's editor and publisher, told Publisher's Weekly about the manuscript, "I read it in disbelief. What a miracle to find this buried treasure in the archives. To think something as good as this has been lying around there gathering dust."

Aha, so as I suspected, it's good! But how could it not be?

And soon, fans of Where the Wild Things Are will get a chance to peruse the pages of the new tome, a collaboration with author Arthur Yorinks, and share it with their kids, as Presto and Zesto in Limboland will be published next year.

There will even be original illustrations in the book by Sendak, and they seem to be as fantastical as those within the covers of Wild Things. As The Washington Post reports, one drawing features a "horned, bipedal monster with a forked devil's tail." All of the illustrations were originally inspired by a London Symphony Orchestra performance of Leoš Janáček's "Rikadla," the Post reports.

So let the wild rumpus start...again. In 2018. We can't wait!

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