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We want to know: Should parents pay their kids for doing chores?

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Most of us remember doing daily household chores as kids. Things like setting the table, emptying the dishwasher, and folding laundry may have been a requirement in your house, but a lot of families don't expect the same duties of their own children today. According to a study of 1,001 U.S. adults by Braun Research, 82 percent of parents did chores as a kid, but only 28 percent make their own kids do similar tasks.

The pressure for success that starts at a young age could be to blame for this change. Résumé builders like after-school clubs, sports, common core tutors, and volunteer projects take up the time once set aside for helping around the house. Ironically, some experts believe that giving children chores to do actually helps them develop responsibility and self-reliance, which could lead to later success. Some families are now treating chores more like in-home, part-time jobs to encourage their kids to offer an extra set of helping hands at dinner time.

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