One mama's bold photo is inspiring moms across the country to stop being ashamed of their bodies.

By Melissa Willets

When Australian mom blogger Kirsten Bosly first realized she had forgotten her trusty board shorts to cover up her bathing suit during a recent beach trip with her kids, she was mortified.

"I was standing on the beach, stressing out about it," the 1Motherblogger creator told But then, she had a revelation. "I realized the only person judging me in that moment was me. Nobody was paying me any attention and the only thing stopping me from just letting go and embracing myself fully was a bag full of hang-ups that I had created and chosen to carry around."

If you're like me, you're already relating the crap out of her words. Just wait until you read her viral post.

"Today marks a new beginning for me," Bosly writes as a caption to a brave photo she shared of herself in just a bathing suit. "For most of my life I have hated my body. Despised it. Loathed it. Resented it."

The mom-of-two writes that she's long felt ashamed of her "wobbles and dimples," and has wished to be "smaller, thinner...less 'fat.'" As a result, she admits, "I've avoided pictures most of the time as I disliked how I looked in them."

But Bolsy had clearly had enough of walking that self-loathing path.

"The truth is, I'm tired of being ashamed of my body; it's done nothing but support me for 41 years," she boldly went on to declare in the post. "So today I let go. I let go of the hatred and resentment of this body of mine and chose to enjoy it for what it is: my body."

So Bosly posed for a photo, and can be seen smiling in front of the ocean with her two kids in just the one-piece bathing suit (and a really cute hat). She says she wants her kids to remember the awesome day they had together, "cellulite and all."

"No cover up. No board shorts. No 'modesty' towel. No filters. Just us." Bosly finishes her post by writing she refuses to be ashamed.

I just seriously hope she can hold onto this empowering feeling! Because it's not only healthy for us moms to embrace our bodies, but for our kids to see their mamas feeling proud and comfortable in our own skin. I mean, yes, sometimes, I wish my tummy was flatter. But I've been pregnant three times, so there's only so much I can do at this point. And it's far more important to model a healthy relationship with my body for my girls than to obsess over my waist size.

Bravo, Bosly!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.



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