Pink joked about attending Willow's kindergarten class birthday party—and making her little girl cringe!


Judging from her social media posts, Pink always seems like one of the coolest celeb moms. You might never guess that the pop star is actually capable of being totally embarrassing—ha, well, at least least to her eldest kid, Willow Sage! Pink took to Instagram yesterday to share that she was heading to Willow's school to help her daughter celebrate her 6th birthday, and obviously that meant she was about to embarrass her little girl.

"Headed to my kids kindergarten class to bring rice crispy treats for her sixth birthday," Pink wrote alongside a selfie taken in the car. "It's weird that she's embarrassed by me. Not like I wear a lot of bizarre colorful fun make up or anything like I'm pretending to be a popstar. Kids these days."

Hey, "bizarre colorful fun makeup" or not, most moms have to deal with their big kid huffing, puffing, and being, OMG, so embarrassed by them. At least Pink has a cute sense of humor about it.

Of course Willow's big celebration wasn't just limited to a school party and rice crispy treats. Pink also shared a photo of Willow's whimsical birthday cake.

"Strawberry and confetti double layer cake with buttercream icing and a magical faerie on top for a magical girl. #6," the singer wrote in the caption. Sounds absolutely perfect!

Happy birthday to Willow! And as moms know full well, anything that embarrasses your kid is what probably makes you a kickass mom. So, Pink, you keep doing you!