Photographer Transforms Kids With Disabilities Into the Real Justice League

These little warriors are the true heroes.

Remember the father who pulled off an epic Wonder Woman photo shoot for his daughter? Well, now, that same proud dad and photographer, Josh Rossi, says he has captured the real superheroes among us: kids with disabilities.

The Utah-based photographer's latest, "super passion" project involves transforming kids who have significant health challenges. "In the series, I turned kids with disabilities into the Justice League superheroes," Rossi told "The whole idea was to take the things that are weaknesses for the kids, such as cancer and other diseases, and turn them into strengths."

Children with severe ADHD, rare cancers and a child who is a double amputee were among the participants.

real justic league

"I worked with six kids under the age of 8 and completed a movie poster style image for each of them," Rossi shared.

real justic league

"We also printed the images huge for each child and did a special reveal which we have on video," he added. Here's where to watch behind-the-scenes video from the photo shoot, as well as the reveal.

I love how into it the kids clearly are. After so much pain and suffering, it's wonderful to see them get to escape into these characters and just feel supported and empowered.

Rossi seconds that notion, telling about the mini-superheroes, "It was amazing seeing the excitement on their faces!"

The children's parents were equally thrilled. Teagan Pettit, who posed as Superman, has half a heart known as HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). He has had 3 open heart surgeries and several more to tune him up. His family almost lost him 2 years ago and had to take him to Philadelphia for a life-saving procedure, after waiting for over a year for a heart transplant. His mother Brytten Pettit said of the project, "This has been an amazing opportunity! The day we were told our son only had half a heart everything that you realize they won't be able to do flashes before your eyes, and you don't feel so super! But to be given an opportunity to see your kids face light up as he put on that super suit and cape, my heart melted, and I realized all the things that make him different is what makes him Superman!"

Cyborg Kids Justice League

Making the project even more special is the fact that it was a truly a team effort. Rossi explained, "I had custom movie accurate costumes created for each of the kids which normally would have cost over $10,000, but the costumes were donated."

It's heartwarming that so many people care about lifting up those who could truly use it. But now, we'd better all watch out! Because there's no doubt these kids' superpowers are going to take them wherever they want to go!

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