Max's parents tried to surprise him with a trip to the circus and it backfired, big time.
Credit: YouTube

When my daughter was 6, she was obsessed with the Cheetah Girls. So for her birthday, I decided to surprise her with concert tickets. Floor seats, mind you. To get her there, I told her I was taking her to see the movie Mama Mia.

Big mistake. Because to this day, she's still mad she never got to see the movie.

That's why I wasn't all that shocked by the reaction of 4-year-old Max when his parents—who made him think he was going to a broccoli farm for the day—instead surprised him with a trip to the circus.

Their plan, like mine, backfired in a big way, with the boy basically losing it in the car in the circus parking lot. "No, I wanna go to the brocc-o-li farm," he tells his dad.

Wait...are broccoli farms real? Because if so, I feel you, Max. I feel you. I'd choose a broccoli farm over a visit to the circus any day of the week. Clowns are scary, you guys!

Anyway, Max's dad tries to pump him up by telling him that he can see elephants at the circus. Elephants! But Max doesn't care. He just wants to go see that brocc-o-li.

Poor kid!

Eventually, his parents promise to buy him some at the store and turn off the video, which they later uploaded to YouTube with the caption, "We told our 4 year old that we had a surprise for him and said we were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so we could hide that we were going to the circus. This was the opposite of the reaction that we expected."

As expected, the clip is now going viral, with over 400,000 views and several commenters calling for Max to make an appearance on "The Ellen Degeneres Show," where the talk show host is sure to present him with, like, a brocc-o-li bouquet or a year's worth of brocc-o-li or something.

While we wait to see how that all plays out, we'll leave you with our favorite comment left on the video from someone who's clearly dismayed that broccoli is the only vegetable getting some love here.

"As a cauliflower farmer, I'm offended," the commenter wrote. "You can have just as much fun at the cauliflower farm as the broccoli farm. Unsubscribed."

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