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While I sometimes think it would be fun to be famous, mostly I think it would be a pain in the arse. Parenting while famous would be even more of a pain. I admire celeb moms and dads like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard who are fighting against paparazzi stalking their families to snap pics of their kids, but I also think it's cool that some stars bring their kids along with them to their jobs, which in their case means walking a red carpet, going to a movie set, or attending a press conference. Kids love to go to work with their parents, and I don't see why celebrities should have to deny their kids that experience.

Golden State Warriors basketball player Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha have gotten some flack lately for letting their two-year-old daughter Riley attend the team's press conferences where, depending on who you're talking to, she either steals the show with her adorable antics or disrupts the proceedings with her undisciplined behavior. Responding to the haters, last week Ayesha Curry—who blogs at her website Little Lights of Mine—wrote an essay for called "How to Parent When Your Kid Goes Viral." In it she defends their decision to have Riley attend the press conference with her dad: "Stephen attends practice every day, and gives his all during the games on an almost-nightly basis. When that's over, all he wants is to see his family, and on the day of that press conference, our daughter wanted to be with her father. I thought it was beautiful for him not to push his daddy duties to the bottom of the list just because all eyes were on him. I believe you should let your children be children, and don't be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who's watching."

I mostly agree. What's the big deal? It was just a press conference. It's not like he brought his kid to the half-court line during the championship game. It shows he has his priorities in check, and that all the hoopla (Get it?) around him and his team isn't going to his head, making him think that his job as a basketball player is more important than his job as a dad. He wanted to be with his daughter, and she wanted to be with him, and they could make it happen. Good for them! And Riley is pretty adorbs.

Ayesha Curry also points out, "My husband and I are, after all, two young parents in our twenties with a 2-year-old daughter, Riley, and another child on the way. We're just trying to figure it all out." The truth is, regardless of age, that's what all parents are trying to do.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who would mostly just like the money that famous people have. They can keep the spotlight. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.