gay parents with kids

Love wins! Love is love, and parents are parents. This is the wonderful world we are living in now. To be sure, there are more strides to be made and bigots to be educated, but Friday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling upholding the legality of gay marriage has taken us one giant step closer to where we need to be as a society.

One of the issues addressed by SCOTUS in its ruling was the well-being of children with same-sex parents. As a family who is friends with gay couples who have kids, we knew without a doubt that this was actually a non-issue, as their kids are as happy and healthy as anyone else's. Not only is this proven by our personal experience, but also by decades of comprehensive research.

In a new review, Jimi Adams, associate professor of health and behavioral studies at the University of Colorado Denver, sought to find out if children suffered any disadvantages simply because their parents were of the same sex. "I found overwhelming evidence that scientists agree that there is not a negative impact to children of same-sex couples," Adams said in a news release.

Adams' team analyzed data from thousands of studies on the issue and found that, by 1990, a consensus began to emerge, and by 2000, it had reached an "overwhelming" consensus: Same-sex parenting does not harm children. The data overwhelming found that children of same-sex parents do not differ from those of heterosexual or single parents on a range of social and behavioral outcomes.

When my husband and I told our eight-year-old daughter about the SCOTUS ruling, she said, "Yay! Everyone should be able to get married, whether they want to marry a man or a woman."

Yes. Love wins.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who thinks seeing the White House lit up in rainbow colors was one of the coolest things ever. Check out Ellen's new Etsy shop and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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