One Dad's Unanswered 'PAW Patrol' Questions Spark Chain of Conspiracy Theories on Twitter

We had no idea that PAW Patrol has so much depth...

We had no idea that PAW Patrol has so much depth...

PAW Patrol, one of the most popular TV programs for children right now follows Ryder and his team of talking rescue puppies as they save the town of Adventure Bay from all mayhem—and kids are obsessed, to say the least. So, what does that mean for parents? We too spend hours tuning in and I think it is seriously starting to affect our mental states. One dad by the name of Martin Belam took to Twitter to share some burning questions he has about the cartoon, which turned into a huge chain of conspiracy theories going to show parents are on a whole new level of invested—it’s hilarious.

Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding Paw Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?

— Martin Belam (@MartinBelam) January 27, 2018

"Who is the never-seen-figure who is funding PAW Patrol, and why are they investing billions in ridiculous equipment for small dogs to operate, instead of funding proper emergency services in Adventure Bay?" he wrote.

Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Immediately comments from other parents started flooding in to collectively contemplate the world of PAW Patrol. Who knew this was such a pressing topic?

Logical questions, but the mayor has a chicken in her handbag .... I suspect it's a lost cause!

— Anthony (Tony) Evans #FBPE (@Dukevfr) January 27, 2018

As more and more people joined the conversation, the theories got more outlandish:

I've always felt there had been a terrible incident with fire and rescue leading to most of the town folk being incinerated. The mayor loses her mind and decrees that no humans will be in charge of emergency services. The soul of her dead husband is in Chickoletta.

— devillefilm and the Temple of Doom (@devillefilm) January 27, 2018

I think it's all in Ryder's head and that he's created this fantasy world to escape the bitter reality of his own life: his Mum has 25 cats and his Dad left to sail around the world.

— Trevor Distance (@davidnaylor) January 27, 2018

It's Elon Musk. Paw Patrol is just one big R&D project.

— Shane Croucher (@shanecroucher) January 27, 2018

I've always assumed Ryder is some alternate universe Bruce Wayne whose mansion home was built over dog kennels instead of a bat cave

— Iain Jewitt (@ijwtt) January 27, 2018

THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING!! AND WHERE ARE RYDER'S PARENTS??? And how come the dogs can talk but the cats can't or any other animals??? SO ANNOYED with these plot holes. Don't even get me started on the goddamn Bubble Guppies and that hot mess.

— Mama Beast (@ladybugmama0418) January 31, 2018

The Umbrella Corporation. You don’t want to know what they’ve got in the lower levels of the Lookout.

— Bill Stickers (@BTwizzlestick) January 29, 2018

Front for drug running, just like Octonauts

— Steve Wright (@turnitupalittle) January 27, 2018

And his parents are Mayor Goodway and Mayor's got all the markings of a broken home...tragedy really!

— Ollie (@olliejb1981) January 29, 2018

So many questions, so little answers?! We guess parents have to create their own PAW Patrol reality to get through the endless marathons. We are just hoping this inspires an adult spin-off, or maybe helps parents realize they could benefit from some extra adult time or more wine. 


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