He's heading to Rio to compete in the Olympics next month, but diver David Boudia's heart is always with his wife and daughter.

By Hollee Actman Becker
July 06, 2016

Olympic medalist David Boudia may be gearing up to represent Team USA in Rio, but this top American diver is a family man first.

"My diving career has changed dramatically since becoming a father and a husband," Boudia explains in a Team USA video. "Serving my wife and my precious daughter is kind of my number one right now."

So sweet! And if Boudia's Twitter feed—where the Olympian has taken to sharing sweet moments from his family life—is any indication, the Nike-sponsored athlete and Head & Shoulders spokesperson seems to have found the secret to maintaining the precarious work-life balance.

The devoted dad kicked things off back in January with a throwback tweet in which he reminisced about his now two-year-old daughter Dakoda's—"Koda" for short—birth in October 2014.

"#tbt to that one time I became dad & was scared out of my mind," he wrote, sharing a beautiful shot of himself with wife Sonnie Brand and their newborn baby girl in the hospital.

Love his honesty!

Then in February, it was a photo of some good old-fashioned family bonding time "Couches pushed together, movie is on, pizza is in the oven #familymovienight," he captioned a sweet Boudia family selfie. "Love my girls #SundayFunday."

Olympic athletes—they're just like us!

And just this past weekend, with the opening ceremony now less than a month away and final prep in full swing, the proud 27-year-old papa posted the most adorable pic of himself sitting at his desk with his laptop open in front of him and Dakoda perched happily on his lap.

"Helpin Dada work on this 4th of July!" he wrote. "Love my little girl to pieces."

Awww!!! What a great guy... we wish him the best of luck in Rio!

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