Buying a tree is now a whole event, you guys.
Olivia Wilde and Baby Christmas
Credit: Olivia Wilde/Instagram

I will never forget when my daughter started kindergarten and I suddenly realized that for the first time since I'd graduated from college, the words "spring break" had re-entered the lexicon.

A magical week of Mai Tais in the middle of March? Thanks, kiddo! I am SO down.

And it's not just spring break. Once you become a parent, you start to eagerly anticipate almost every holiday on the calendar and the traditions that go along with it. You know... the very same ones you abandoned once you were no longer a little kid. Things like decorating Easter eggs, sending out class Valentines, carving pumpkins on Halloween, and watching fireworks explode on the fourth of July.

Yes to all of that!

And there's nothing quite like your first Christmas with children to get you back into the spirit. Just ask Olivia Wilde. The Vinyl star and mom-of-two—who has son Otis and new baby daughter Daisy, born in October, with husband actor Jason Sudeikis—recently chatted with Vanity Fair about how having kids during the holidays has helped her get her yuletide on for the second time around.

"You learn to embrace the things that you maybe stopped enjoying as you became an adult," she explained. "Things become fun again. If you're getting a Christmas tree, that becomes a whole event. As a young adult in your 20s, you don't care about your Christmas tree. Christmas becomes just a time to drink...a lot. So having kids kind of moves it away from the drinking and back to childhood ideas of Christmas."

So true! Well, except for the whole moving-away-from-drinking thing. I mean, why can't we do both? Pretty sure I could take home first place in a competition to see who could ring tinsel around a tree with one hand while simultaneously balancing a glass of wine in the other.

You know, if there was one.

What holiday traditions have you re-embraced now that you're a parent?

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