'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' Will No Longer Screen Ahead of 'Coco'

If you missed the featurette, you can catch it on ABC next Thursday.

Movie-going parents, here's some news to celebrate! If you wanted to take your kiddos to see Coco, but didn't want to have to pray that they'd be able to sit through Olaf's Frozen Adventure in addition to a nearly two-hour full-length feature, your wish has been granted! Disney may have originally tacked the 21-minute featurette onto Coco to lure Frozen fanatics to the new flick, but the time has come for it to go.

As of yesterday, Thursday, December 7, Olaf's Frozen Adventure is no longer being screened ahead of Coco. For anyone who missed it or just wants their kids to enjoy it on their own time, the spinoff will air on ABC at 8 p.m. on Thursday, December 14.

Although Coco has been successful at the box office for the past two weekends, the Los Angeles Times reports that "there have been complaints about the short film that precedes it." A quick glimpse at Twitter proves that to be the case.

Regardless of the complaints, a representative for Disney confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that the short was always intended for a limited run. Seems like a lot of parents are breathing a big sigh of relief about that!

If all this Olaf drama has you craving a screening of Frozen, the beloved film will air as part of “The Wonderful World of Disney” at 8 p.m. Sunday on ABC.

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