The pop singer is being dragged on Instagram for giving her 2-year-old daughter the sweet snack.

By Maressa Brown
Robin Marchant/Getty Images 

No matter what a mom shares on social media, there's a chance that at some point, she's going to have to face some kind of backlash for a totally innocent parenting move. Celeb moms seem to be even more susceptible. Case in point: Kelly Clarkson shared an Instagram post of her 2-year-old daughter River Rose trying Nutella for the first time.

Clarkson shared the moment with her followers, writing, "River’s first Nutella experience. It should have been via crepe but toast was easier.” (Love her honesty!)

No biggie, right? Nonetheless, the post caused mom-shamers to come out of the woodwork, allegedly "advising" Clarkson not to give her little girl the "poison" snack. “There’s a lot of sugar in that,” one follower noted. “Nutella is hella bad for you,” wrote another commenter. Meanwhile, one particularly judgy follower went really low, writing, "Make your own @kellyclarkson Nutella is PACKED with sugars don’t make your kids blow up too.” So awful!

This kind of mommy-shaming is not only cruel but so unproductive and unhelpful. No mom is scouring comments on social media for nutrition tips for her children. And since when is a mom sharing a clip of her daughter enjoying a special treat an invitation for any kind of advice? Please.

Thankfully, Clarkson is 100 percent not here for shamers. Keeping with the way she has handled negative comments in the past, she's keeping her lips sealed and carrying on with her badass self. Yes, you do you, Mama!



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