By Melissa Bykofsky
May 28, 2015
Odd Mom Out - Season 1

Not all moms are created equal—according to Bravo's new scripted half-hour comedy series, Odd Mom Out, that is. Jill Kargman, mom to Sadie, 12, Ivy, 9, and Fletch, 7, stars as an anti-Momzilla as she tries to navigate the world of kindergarten applications, in-laws, and mom friends on Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side. Kargman, who created the show, talked to Parents about how she has been down this road before.

P: What is a Momzilla?

JK: A Momzilla is someone who channels all of her type-A ambition and energy into her child. I do believe there's a Newtonian law of energy where all of your drive for your career abruptly gets funneled into the fetus. When I was writing my novel Momzillas, I met a woman who went to Harvard Business School and worked at Goldman Sachs. When she quit to be a mom full time, she had to create new kid-related metrics to beat everyone with.

P: Your character, Jill Weber, also has three children and her best friend is single and has no children. Is she based on your own experience?

JK: When I had Sadie I was 28. I had no friends in New York that were parents, and I felt really lonely. The challenges of that period of my life have been retooled for this show. A lot of moms I speak to are revisionists who say, "Enjoy this time while it lasts because it flies by." And I want to smash them in the head because it was really hard.

P: Why is mom friendship such a big part of the show?

JK: My own friendships gave me such perspective on how I was living in a bubble. When I was stressed I would go out with my friends who weren't parents and would realize I am still me. My identity wasn't subverted into mommyhood. It was a reset button.

P: Have you ever felt like the odd mom out?

JK: At a ballet class when my oldest was 2 I told her to sit down in "Indian style." These four perfect moms gasped and glared at me. One said, "You can't say that. It's called criss-cross apple sauce now." I ran to the bathroom and burst into tears because I felt like I was doing it all wrong.

P: What's your advice to other parents who feel this way?

JK: Fly your freak flag and know there are others like you. Even the people who you perceive to be the perfect mothers, who have it all together, sometimes feel like the odd mom out too. They just don't show it.

Watch Odd Mom Out on Monday, June 8 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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Image: Barbara Nitke/Bravo