Check out the photos Cannon posted of the twins' in-home candy wonderland.

By Hollee Actman Becker
December 16, 2016

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's twins Monroe and Moroccan may only be 5, but they've already realized my ultimate dream come true—the pair has a fully-stocked candy room right in their very own home!

Just check out this pic that Nick posted to Instagram a few days ago and try not to be jelly:

Look at all those awesome treats! I spy Crunch bars and Pop Rocks, and sour worms, plus Swedish fish, Nerds, and huge candy necklaces. And is that an old-fashioned pink cotton candy maker behind Roc?

"This room is the reason for all the hyper-activity!!!" Cannon captioned the shot. "Patiently waiting for the Sugar Crash!!!"

No doubt. He also shared a pic of his daughter, who apparently has a penchant for oversized lollipops.

"Monroe had other plans in the Cannon Candy Shop!!!" the America's Got Talent host wrote.

The girl's got good taste. Though in all honesty, I probably would have gone for that humongous Twix peeking out from behind her! Or maybe a few of those GIGANTIC Charms Blow Pops! Where on earth do you suppose they found those things? I think I even see a box of Sugar Daddy's down there on the left—my absolute fave! Clearly, I need Nick Cannon to adopt me.

Though I sure hope he's got a good dentist on the payroll!

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