America's Got Talent's most recent winner earned the top prize with a skill we don't often see on TV shows. And that's awesome!

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
September 22, 2017
America's Got Talent
Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Fans of America's Got Talent have seen plenty of true talents perform on the hit show, but here's something we haven't seen much of on this (or, well, any!) show: Ventriloquists.

While there are people out there who can recite every winner in the show's history, most of us don't have that ability. Still, this little girl's legacy is incredibly important: She's not a pop star or a dancer or athlete—which is to say, her skill isn't one that's consistently celebrated on a social level. Instead, she brought an unconventional talent to the masses, and in doing so, she validated the unconventional hobbies of kids everywhere.

The pre-teen launched into her mind-blowing audition, which highlighted her musical and comedic talents along with her insane abilities as a ventriloquist—the audition was so strong, it earned her a standing ovation from the entire audience (even Simon Cowell got on his feet!) and the honor of a golden buzzer. Fans everywhere predicted Farmer would take the ultimate prize home at that very moment...and sure enough, she did.

So parents, encourage your kids to pursue their hobbies and talents, no matter how far under the radar they may fly. Who knows? Those offbeat passions just may make them famous before they enter their teens.