New Trend: Toys That Aren't Afraid To Get Very Real

This past February, the FamilyFun Toy Team trekked down to NYC to attend the TIA International Toy Fair, where every year, toymakers gather to showcase the latest and greatest in all things toys. After sifting through thousands of playthings (tough job, we know), we couldn't help but notice an, umm, shall we say interesting new trend: toys that aren't afraid to get very real. Here are some examples:

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Sara


Feed Sara, she poops, and you "recycle" the diapers contents by reforming and feeding them to her again and again.


CACAMAX_JustPlay 36194

Take him for a walk, give him a treat, and watch (and hear) him poop it out.

You truly can blame the dog this time.

StinkyPig Game

7384_StinkyPig_Pkg.jpg 36195

A version of Hot Potato but the stakes are a little noisier.

Prank Star Fart Bubble Gun

PrankStar_FartGun1_SkyrocketToys.jpg 36196

Thankfully, the bubbles are cherry scented.

Potty Piano

BM1677-Potty Piano.jpg 36197

The toys tagline: "Play a jingle when you tinkle." Enough said.

We're really not quite sure what to make of this trend.

What do you think? Would you buy any of these for your kids?

Krista Hojnowski is an Assistant Researcher at FamilyFun magazine. She has the largest collection of bodily function toys in the office.

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