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New Target Drive Up Service: Brilliant or a Buzzkill?

Would you try Target's new Drive Up service?

New Target Drive-Up Service: Brilliant or a Buzzkill?

Raise your PSL in the air if a Target run is like, the highlight of your week. Well now the retailer that boasts every item on mom's to-do list, from no-you-don't-really-need-em, but-you-want-em seasonal accents to diapers, is making a trip to the store easier than ever with its new Drive Up service. But will convenience steal all the fun?

According to the Bullseye View blog, Drive Up is for "days [you] are just too busy to even consider leaving the car." All you have to do is order the items you need in the Target app, and then select "Drive Up." The store tells you when your order is ready for pick up, and then you simply hit the "I'm on My Way" button. When you pull your car into a designated parking spot in front of the store, your items are delivered to you without you even having to unbuckle the kids from their car seats.

Um, you also didn't get to buy another throw blanket and a few cute outfits for the baby. Or those socks for your hubby, or another tub of face cream. But if it's raining, or snowing, or your little one has been up all night, or is teething, or you're experiencing a brutal bout of morning sickness, or a hangover, or you are late picking the kids up from school, Drive Up does seem like a godsend.

As Dawn Block, Target senior vice president of digita,l said in the blog post introducing the service, "Drive Up is our latest effort to make it easier and faster for busy guests to conveniently get what they need, and simply get back to their day." Which sounds pretty good, even if you'll miss out on sampling the latest coffee creation from Starbucks while browsing the bedding aisle.

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It's important to note that Drive Up is still only in the test stages in Minneapolis where the company is based. But if the test goes well, it's likely the service will be rolled out to a store near you, at which point you can shop from nearly 200,000 items from home furnishings, to food. And I would likely try it out, but sometimes, mama will still need an official Target run!

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