By Jessica Hartshorn
March 31, 2015
girl wearing clothes

You learn quickly with kids that they have a foundation wardrobe, the same way that you or I have things that we wear all the time. My daughter, for instance, wears jeggings five or six days a week. My 21-month-old niece wears little cotton leggings nearly every day, whether she's in a dress or a shirt. My son would definitely wear his hoodie every single day if I let him. So despite the fact that many relatives give them witty/dressy/special clothes, the things they wear most often are solid, dependable basics.

There's a new kids' clothing source that is selling just those basics. is online-only, launched today by some of the people originally involved with The idea is you can order your kid's bodysuits, leggings, T-shirts and more with a few clicks and they'll be rushed to your door. Since children seemingly move from one size to another in the span of a day, this is a way to reorder favorites they wear all the time without running out to stores. Also, while styles are in and out of stores in a flash, the stuff at will stay available season after season. If you grow to adore their shorts, you'll know they'll be around next year too. They keep your order history to make reordering easy, and have clothes in sizes newborn to 10.

One last thing: These are simple clothes in graphic colors. They'll support, rather than compete, with some of the crazier stuff in your child's wardrobe, like then shirt plastered with Frozen's Elsa or Minecraft's Steve. And all their separates are under $25. Even a reversible sundress is only $24. Only their set of seven baby bodysuits goes up to $50. Follow them on Facebook to watch how things evolve.

Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor at American Baby and Parents magazine, would rather shop for teeny clothes for kids than hunt down clothes for herself.

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