The baby food brand released a video addressing mom-targeted trolling that has become all too prevalent and asking moms to support one another. 

Whether she's spending time scrolling around on Facebook or perusing the aisle of her local grocery store, every mom has encountered some kind of shaming, trolling, or judginess about her parenting decisions at one time or another. It's an unfortunate reality of modern-day parenting. But it's also a reality that popular baby food brand Beech-Nut wants to try to make a little less frustrating for moms with its new campaign, "Turn the Labels Around."

In the brand's new video announcing the campaign, it asks moms to reach out to another mom and tell her "she's alright," in an effort to curb the shaming and encourage moms to support one another.

Beech-Nut's tackling an issue that's undeniably pervasive. The company conducted a recent survey of 1,000 U.S. millennial moms about mom-shaming that concluded 68 percent of moms think the issue has gotten worse over the past five years. And moms who have experienced shaming are more likely to shame another mom. It's heartening that the company is starting a genuinely honest conversation about the trend. Furthermore, the campaign aims to address harmful labels, from the ways people describe parenting styles to the ingredients in baby food.

Fingers crossed this inspires moms everywhere to trade shaming behavior for showing solidarity with one another.