Um, lifesaver much Netflix? Thanks for saving kids' birthday parties with this ingenious new service!


I'll never forget planning a birthday party for my then 3-year-old at our home. I'd invited her entire class, and had a slew of activities set up that were sure to keep a dozen kiddos busy for the duration of the party. Not.

I couldn't believe when, just 15 minutes in, the kids had blown through every planned game. Let's just say the rest of the party was the longest two hours of my life. Too bad I didn't have the new on-demand service from Netflix that features kids' fav characters singing "Happy Birthday." In other words, the perfect signal that the party is over!

birthdays on-demand from netflix

"Birthdays On-Demand," is a series of 15 two-minute videos that help children celebrate their big day with friends like Barbie, the My Little Ponies, King Julien, Luna Petunia and the Beat Bugs.

birthdays on demand

All you have to do is enter the search-term "birthday songs" on Netflix to access it.

"Birthdays On-Demand," which is similar to the streaming service's genius New Year's Eve on-demand videos, is actually a response to a recent survey by SurveyMonkey that revealed 67 percent of parents agree birthday party-planning is stressful. Raises hand. Interestingly, according to the press release, the streaming service picked September to launch the new offering as it is the most popular birth month!

barbie celebrates kids' birthdays with them

P.S. If you are like me and have sworn off birthday parties forever, these videos are sure to make your little one's celebration feel all the more special. In the comfort of your own home. Alone. Without anyone else there other than immediate family.

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