Your children won't mind counting down to the New Year early with the help of their favorite cartoon characters!

By Lauren Pardee
December 27, 2017
NYE Netflix Kids Countdown
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Parents everywhere have Netflix to thank for getting their kids to bed on time this New Year's Eve. The streaming media company created New Year's countdowns starring your children's favorite characters so they can ring in the New Year any time of night—leaving the actual celebrating to the adults.

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This isn't the first time Netflix has given New Year's Eve back to parents—after repeated success, they are providing brand-new kid's countdowns for the 4th year in a row. Even the picky and persistent kids won't be able to resist celebrating with characters from nine different shows, including Trollhunters, Beat Bugs, and True and the Rainbow Kingdom.

Netflix NYE King Julien
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Have the sparkling cider ready for 8 p.m.—Netflix's peak viewing hour for American families taking advantage of the countdowns over the past two years.

Troll Hunters Netflix NYE
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

After logging into Netflix, you can find the videos located in the "Kids" category or by typing in "New Year's Eve Countdown" or "Countdown" into the search bar. The videos are accessible until January 31st, for those excited enough to replay the moment again.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom Netflix NYE
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Parents, sparing some confetti a few hours early shouldn't be a problem—come midnight, you're going to be able to pop champagne with friends and family while your kids are sleeping soundly.