The adorable Neil Patrick Harris refuses to be a helicopter parent.

By Christine Coppa
September 17, 2015
Neil Patrick Harris in tuxedo
Credit: Shutterstock

The adorable Neil Patrick Harris is letting his twins, 4, make their own moves—and he's having the best time watching them take on the world.

The star of NBC's new variety show Best Time Ever and his husband, David Burkta, used a surrogate to make their dreams of having a family come true.

"I'm loving watching them," he told Parade. "It's fascinating to see what they're taking from the world. It's only through living with them that I realize that maybe this is exactly how they're meant to behave. I'm educating myself about my kids, as opposed to my teaching them how I think they're supposed to be."

Harris says he and Burkta are trying to raise little Harper and Gideon gender neutrally. "They're choosing the individual paths that are unique to them," Harris says. He doesn't want his son to think he just has to play with hammers, or have his daughter feel that she's supposed to twirl around in ballet shoes.

"They're quizzical about very different things," according to Harris. "Gideon wants to know how robots are built and what's inside of things." They are both lovers of technology, though. "They both love their iPads," he says. "They have them only for airplane trips. We control the content they see."

The first-time dad says he enjoys everyday moments. "I love watching them learn how to ask questions, process the language, figure out what jokes they find funny, what smile they prefer in a photo of themselves. It's those little things that I relish and appreciate. And it's only going to get better."

Yes it is.