The music star and dad-of-three shares the ups and downs he's faced as a parent, plus the surprises that have come with his third child.

By Libby Ryan
July 11, 2017
ne-yo black suit
Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock 

Ne-Yo's kids are just as non-stop as he is, according to the Grammy-winning R&B star, TV dance competition judge, and father-of-three.

We caught up with the singer on the set of his charitable partnership with Pampers and the March of Dimes, working to support babies in neonatal intensive care units, to talk about summer fun with his three children: 6-year-old Madilyn, 5-year-old Mason, and 1-year-old Chimere.

"I work ungodly hours and days, months, years so I don't get to spend as much time with them as I'd like," he told us. But this summer, he's excited to really soak up some quality kid time.

And when they get together, they definitely have moves.

“They dance and sing all day long. Every instance is a song," he shared. "The 'we don't want to go to bed' song, the 'it's time to eat dinner' song, everything is a song or a dance."

But the songwriting dad confesses there's one kid-favorite musical he's getting less and less crazy about. "I like Moana...but after the 90th time where I can word it like, you know, verbatim? Nah, I'm good."

His pick of choice? Alec Baldwin's Boss Baby. "Reminds me of my youngest son," Ne-Yo said. "Yeah, he's definitely the boss."

Ne-Yo's third child, Chimere, with wife Crystal Renay Smith, is just over a year old. The dad-of-three says even after learning from experiences with the other two older kids, Chimere still finds ways to surprise him.

"He's a lot livelier than my other two, so you got to keep your eyes on him," Ne-Yo explained. "You turn away for a second and he's gone."

"He's definitely walking. He's running," he added. "It's like he started walking Monday and by Tuesday he was just going."

And little Chimere has gotten up to some major adventures recently. Dad and son both learned he could crawl out of his crib at the same time—Ne-Yo's latest self-proclaimed parenting fail.

“I put him in the crib, went to the bathroom, and I heard 'boo-boom!' Oh my god. I ran back in and he's on the ground," Ne-Yo confessed. "You literally cannot leave him by himself because he's climbing all over everything. Yeah, he's that baby."