Mother's Day Treats Every Mom Will Love

How do I know moms will love this? Because who doesn't love something tasty to eat?! Breakfast in bed is a wonderfully grand gesture. Most of my own Mother's Days have started this way. My husband and girls all cook and load up a tray with an enormous spread of bacon, eggs, toast, potatoes, OJ, and coffee, fortified with a selection of pastries from my favorite bakery and a copy of the Sunday paper. Basically it involves every morning food I have ever said I liked, along the only issue of the newspaper I'll get to read cover-to-cover for the whole year. It's pretty dreamy actually, though I've never figured out why they think I can eat and drink so much in one sitting.

But a single dish can be just as lovely as a giant, multi-course meal. And baking and dessert recipes easily lend themselves to fun and memorable experiences in the kitchen for both kids and adults. Plus, if mom wants to share (and I bet she will), everyone gets to enjoy the scrumptious results. If you're in need of some inspiration, try one of the recipes below. Paired with a pile of handmade cards, they're sure to make the perfect gift for mom—sweet and simple.

Kids can mix the batter for this almond cake and cut the strawberries that top it with a butter knife:

almondstrawbcake613 36273

Start with your favorite cupcake recipe and then let everyone decorate their own flower cupcake as part of a bouquet she'll eat right up!:

flowercupcakes514 36274

Satisfy her sweet tooth with this super-easy cookies and cream fudge recipe:

CookieFudge214 36275

Joy Howard is an associate editor at FamilyFun. Her ultimate breakfast definitely includes bacon and salad greens, but definitely does not include pancakes.

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