A new survey shows that the majority of parents are okay with using electronics to keep their kids busy when they need some downtime.
kids playing with tablet with happy parents in background

Most parents are concerned that their children are getting too much screen time, and some are setting strict time limits on their kids' daily tablet and smartphone usage. But a new survey shows that the majority of parents are okay with using electronics to keep their kids busy when they need some downtime, reports NBC Chicago.

The new study, conducted by Harris Poll and educational game developer Glaxyz, found that close to 60 percent of parents worry about the amount of time their kids spend on smartphones and tablets. But when Mom and Dad need a break, almost the same number say they don't hesitate to use these digital "babysitters" to keep kids occupied.

The survey included more than 1,000 parents and found that two out of five (about 40 percent) allow their children two to three hours of screen time each day. But the researchers found a difference between how moms and dads dish out screen time, with moms being nearly twice as likely to crack down on time limits. While 45 percent of moms say they scale back their children's tablet and smartphone usage to an hour or less per day, only about 27 percent of dads enforce the same time limit for electronic play.